A Journeyman Carpenter’s Know-How in Every Drawing

Timber Ridge Design Our design work is informed by ten years of hands-on construction experience.  As a builder we’ve built homes using great construction drawings and we’ve also seen some plans where important details were unclear, wrong or in some cases missing altogether.  As a journeyman carpenter, familiar with all areas of construction, your drawing will be correct and provide the sections and details that trades need to know to properly build your home.

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind
Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, as your designer we take care to keep you informed of how design decisions will impact your overall construction budget.  You can avoid costly over-runs and build a home that helps to pay your mortgage through reduced energy demands and lower maintenance requirements.  

Although we offer more then just home or cottage design, please do not feel that if you design with Timber Ridge Design that you have to build with Timber Ridge Homes, our goal is to provide quality construction plans for anyone and everyone.

Timber Frame, Conventional and Cottage Designs
Timber frame and lake home design is our specialty.  For years we’ve worked with clients who appreciate the classic beauty of timber, whether on a prairie acreage, a woodland hideaway or in an urban setting.  Our understanding of heavy timber construction will provide you with great ideas and an enduring home for generations. With having been in the construction industry for over 15 years we have designed many conventional homes and cottages with both country or contemporary feel.   

But the Lumber Yard will do My Design for Free!
A lot of building centers offer a so-called “free” design service for customers who commit to buying their materials at the center providing the service.  The old maxim that says, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” may be simple but applied to design services is absolutely true.  Building centers hide your design fees in the mark-up they charge on your purchases.  By surrendering your right to shop your material package around, you are actually paying a standard design fee – you just don’t see it.  If you use TRD to design your home or cottage, whomever you decide to source your building materials will reimburse you a percentage of your total purchases at the end of your project.

Your Timber Ridge Design fee is up-front, clear and allows you total freedom to shop where you please.