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Timber Ridge Design

Timber Ridge Design offers two valuable services, when designing your next home. These include Design and "Self-Build" Management Assistance.

The design service is very important as it focuses on custom plans, the first meeting, preliminary plans, construction drawings and additional design services. Everything you need to know, about designing your next home, is just a click away.

Design - Get Information Here

Another service Timber Ridge Design provides is Porject Management Assistance, if you are trying to save some costs on your home or cottage building project by acting as your own General Contractor, Timber Ridge Design can provide additional construction advise at a cost far less then the standard Project Management fee some builders request.
Timber Ridge Design

"Self-Build" Management Assistance - Get Information Here

 Our project management assistance service provides you with better budget control, a clear understanding of your trade and product options and over all of these the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a journeyman builder to contact who is looking out for your best interests.  

Let TRD show you the low-stress way to “Self-Build” your next home or Cottage!